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handmadesustainable raw materials
Peach Bar ChairPeach Bar Chair
Peach Bar Chair Sale price฿8,900.00THB
Kuri Dining TableKuri Dining Table
Kuri Dining Table Sale price฿56,900.00THB
Trio Dining TableTrio Dining Table
Trio Dining Table Sale price฿26,900.00THB
Mörk Mori BenchMörk Mori Bench
Mörk Mori Bench Sale price฿13,200.00THB
Kruk Dining TableKruk Dining Table
Kruk Dining Table Sale price฿36,200.00THB
Kelper Extending Dining TableKelper Extending Dining Table
Kelper Extending Dining Table Sale price฿35,500.00THB
Twister Dining Table in BlackTwister Dining Table in Black
Twister Dining Table in Black Sale price฿34,600.00THB
Twister Dining Table in NaturalTwister Dining Table in Natural
Twister Dining Table in Natural Sale price฿34,600.00THB
Mesnik Dining TableMesnik Dining Table
Mesnik Dining Table Sale price฿34,500.00THB
Gadsden Dining Table in GreyGadsden Dining Table in Grey
Gadsden Dining Table in Grey Sale price฿25,800.00THB
Gadsden Dining TableGadsden Dining Table
Gadsden Dining Table Sale price฿27,500.00THB
Solvang Dining Table in TeakSolvang Dining Table in Teak
Solvang Dining Table in Teak Sale price฿26,900.00THB
Edward Pip ChairEdward Pip Chair
Edward Pip Chair Sale price฿6,800.00THB
Xenia Center Table in TeakXenia Center Table in Teak
Xenia Center Table in Teak Sale price฿16,500.00THB
Whitby Dining Table in TeakWhitby Dining Table in Teak
Whitby Dining Table in Teak Sale price฿31,200.00THB
Varde Side Chair in TeakVarde Side Chair in Teak
Varde Side Chair in Teak Sale price฿8,900.00THB
Swan River TableSwan River Table
Swan River Table Sale price฿39,900.00THB
Paro Riverbed TableParo Riverbed Table
Paro Riverbed Table Sale price฿38,900.00THB
ljus Mori Benchljus Mori Bench
ljus Mori Bench Sale price฿12,800.00THB
Kor ChairKor Chair
Kor Chair Sale price฿7,800.00THB
Handmadeethically madesustainably sourced
Kurbi ChairKurbi Chair
Kurbi Chair Sale price฿7,900.00THB
Gally Armchair in NightGally Armchair in Night
Gally Armchair in Night Sale price฿11,800.00THB
Gally Armchair in BlackGally Armchair in Black
Gally Armchair in Black Sale price฿11,800.00THB
Gally ArmchairGally Armchair
Gally Armchair Sale price฿11,800.00THB

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Responsibly produced by the same manufacturers as top furniture brands to ensure world-class quality.

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Make the product your own, from the color, material and size . Bring the furniture that fits you.

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Sourcing the world’s finest materials with an uncompromising focus on quality, sustainability, and durability.