We stand by our commitment

B Corp and 1% for the Planet are two organizations that are focused on promoting sustainability and social responsibility in business. By being part of these organizations, Bowr is committing to meeting high standards of environmental and social performance, accountability, and transparency.

B Corp certification is awarded to companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Bowr is committed to be a force for good, and to addressing environmental and social issues in their operations and supply chains.

1% for the Planet is a global network of businesses that pledge to donate at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental nonprofit organizations. This helps to support important conservation and sustainability initiatives, and to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

By being part of B Corp and 1% for the Planet, Bowr is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, and is helping to drive positive change in the world.

Finest craftsmanship

Responsibly produced by the same manufacturers as top furniture brands to ensure world-class quality.

Fully Customizable

Make the product your own, from the color, material and size . Bring the furniture that fits you.

Exceptional raw materials

Sourcing the world’s finest materials with an uncompromising focus on quality, sustainability, and durability.