Richardson Chair in Moss Green

Richardson Chair in Moss Green

$ 270

D 60 x W 60 x H 73 cm

Hand Mde
Fitted in Thailand

Available in Beech/Ash/Oak

Available with Cushion or Without Cushion

Delivery Time: 30 – 45 days

FREE Delivery within Bangkok

A true standard of workmanship and looks, The Richardson Chair in Moss Green brings a sense of elegance and muted class to any room. Available in 3 options of the most sought after wood Beech, Oak or Ash bentwood make this chair a statement for your home, business or office. Available with your choice of with cushion or bare

Available in Beech Wood, Oak Wood or Ashwood.

Available with a cushion or without Cushion


D 51 x W 51.5 x H 73.5 cm

Seat height:45.5


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