Every piece of furniture plants a tree.

Be a partner for a greener planet.

With our focus towards creating a sustainable global furnishing supply chain. We are partnered with One tree planted who plant trees in areas that have been deforested or damaged by natural disasters.

As a part of One Tree Planted, Bowr is commited to planting a tree for every product sold. By being a part of One Tree Planted, Bowr is contributing to global reforestation efforts and helping to restore damaged ecosystems. This can have a number of positive impacts, including reducing carbon emissions, improving air and water quality, and providing habitat for wildlife. Additionally, reforestation can also help to combat climate change, as trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Finest craftsmanship

Responsibly produced by the same manufacturers as top furniture brands to ensure world-class quality.

Fully Customizable

Make the product your own, from the color, material and size . Bring the furniture that fits you.

Exceptional raw materials

Sourcing the world’s finest materials with an uncompromising focus on quality, sustainability, and durability.