Even with the power of the internet at our disposal, furniture retail is still set up to benefit whoever sells the furniture—not the people who make it, or the customers who buy it.


Bowr is a digitally native, design-driven marketplace redefining the furnishing industry and how furniture is bought and sold globally.  Furniture is meant to be suited to one’s personality and stay beautifully used for a long period of time. Our vision is to provide the furnishing platform with beautifully designed, handmade products and that can match the users’ aesthetic values At Cost prices.


Bowr is the new way of buying furniture, making design & manufacturing democratic and affordable with sustainability in mind.


Our simple mission is “Pay for true quality and not the brand.”

Retail has always been about access, with brands using inflated prices and showrooms charging premium markups, making the furniture you want out of reach. But we think that high-quality, beautifully designed furniture has a real-world value, so we created a way to sell them at realistic prices with the same tangible quality. In essence, our customers get “Luxury furniture at honest prices.”

Now with middlemen and retailers eliminated, customers finally have access to the furniture they want, with the customization they need, the amazing service they deserve, and delivered straight to their doorstep – all this from the comfort of your home.

A supply chain that is nature positive

Bowr’s mission is to create a positive impact on the people who make your furniture and the planet. With our production system, we only use wood that we need and completely move away from huge inventories in warehouses waiting to be sold.

Why cut trees to make furniture that will just wait at warehouses to be sold.

We only cut the wood when we need it.


Manufacturers also receive above-market rates for their products, therefore, making a fair and greener furnishing industry that provides customers with honest prices.



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